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Effective Methods to Pass Drug Test for THC

There are plenty of drug types out there. But one of the most common is Marijuana. It goes with a lot of street names like Ganja, pot, weed, dope, Mary Jane or smoke. Regardless of the names, this drug is a hallucinogen which means it can eventually distort the mind. Some experts are still working on some proof for its medicinal capabilities. But whatever it is, we want you to know that it’s not the end of your world yet.

This article doesn’t focus on criticizing people who are using marijuana. We’re not here to investigate why you’re into it. That’s simply not our job. Because whatever it is, we respect that and not judge you. We’re here to help you when things are seemingly going out of control. Like if you happen to get a dose of it and you have an impending drug test, that’s when we come in. Who doesn’t like to be protected from getting jeopardized just because of a positive drug result, right? Everyone deserves to get or keep a job. Fighting for one’s freedom, there is!


What is THC? What’s that got to do with Marijuana?

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. Sounds fancy, right? You’re not memorizing it or spelling it out, are you? Scientificcannabis-1418334_1920ally speaking, this is a chemical compound found in marijuana which is responsible for causing hallucination and other weird things. Two most common ways to use it include smoking and oral ingestion like mixing it with food or beverages. Once this substance has been taken, your body breaks it down into metabolites. These metabolites are the ones seen during drug tests and will tell laboratory people that you are using marijuana.



How long will it stay in the system?

This depends on a lot of factors. Various drug tests have different cut-off limits and levels of smoke-1216032_1920accuracy. If you’re running out of time for your next drug test though, there are still ways to get around that and speed up the whole process. How? That’s what we’re going to discuss shortly. But first, let’s identify how long THC stay in some areas of your body that are subjects of most drug testing.

For regular marijuana users, like multiple times during the week, THC builds up to a high level. But it varies among occasional users, like using it once a week, who often clear up in a couple of days. Please note that urine tests are known to be more sensitive to marijuana than other commonly used drugs. In most cases, however, one-time users are likely to pass after a couple of days.
To easily flush out THC metabolites or marijuana traces out from your urine, you may try these amazing products to detoxify.


THC is not detectable in blood after at least three days. But regular users may still have detectable levels in their blood up to a month later or even for several months if you’re a very heavy user. These set of product are highly recommended.


THC may not be detected until 7-10 days after first use since these residues are absorbed internally. But, we have shampoo and conditioner that can washed out any external smoke particles that get stuck in the hair most especially when marijuana is being smoked. With this unique set of shampoo and conditioner, you’ll be more confident to any test there is.


It has been known that the smoke of a marijuana cigarette is full of drug traces. It leaves a trail for several hours on the saliva. A positive result will come out if the test detects THC on your saliva. So to avoid this, we highly recommend to use this type of mouthwash.


Here are the primary factors that determine how long THC stay in the body:

  • Dosage level: Obviously, the more amount you smoke the more THC content you’ll ingest, thus, remain in your system for longer.
  • Method of intake: There are two most common ways to use marijuana, these include smoking which has been found to be immediately detectable after the first inhale of marijuana smoke and oral ingestion which detection can occur between 1 to 5 hours after consumption.
  • Frequency and duration of use: The longer you’ve been using marijuana, the longer it will take to completely clear it from your system.
  • Body’s overall health condition: Naturally, your body has the capability of flushing out drug metabolites over time, but only in a much slower process. That’s why, it is important to use detox products to speed up the process.


So, how to pass drug test for THC based on specific time frames?

12-24 Hours:

As mentioned on the previous articles entitled “How to Pass Drug Test in 24 Hours.” Various products were highlighted which could be your best options to pass drug test for THC in 12-24 hours. Since there’s no such thing as overnight detox, honestly speaking, the use of Synthetic Urine products could be a life-saver if you have a very limited time before the test. During this time frame, avoid any drug intake as much as you can.

2-4 Days:

Having 48 hours before your test could be better enough than a random or unannounced tests happening the next day. Your chance of getting a negative result is bigger. Within 2 days, what you can do is to use these products. And we’re telling you, they are clinically proven and have gained tons of positive feedback from satisfied customers for the past years.

1-2 Weeks:

This is the time frame wherein you’ll have enough time to prepare. A lot can happen in one or more week. This, we believe, is the right time to choose the best detox program. With this list of products here, nothing will definitely go wrong. These products are made of natural and organic ingredients intended to provide best results. The article entitled “How to Pass Drug Test in 1 Week,” provides detailed methods and strategies to get negative results from any drug tests. In this case, since we’re talking about THC, this time frame provides ample time to flush out toxins and paves way to our detox product to do its job.

Important Notes: As much as possible, avoid using any type of drugs, most especially marijuana, when you have an impending drug test. Always look confident during the test and make sure to buy only the most trusted products available in the market today. Ensure to follow all product instructions carefully and properly. How to find these products? Well, look no further, because you are already in the right place!


Things to know to help Pass a Drug Test

Pass a Drug Test

Here we will supply you with some factual tips to help you detox for a drug test.  In this article we will explore the most popular drug tests given at this time in Australia.   The information below is general in nature and we recommend you explore the more specific information on the particular drug test you are facing before considering your strategies on how you can be best prepared to detox for your test.

It goes without saying that the best way to avoid exploring ways to help you detox for a drug test, is not to take drugs in the first place.  Even knowing the consequences of using drugs, many still chose to take them.

It is important that you consider a combination of both active and passive strategies to increase your chances to pass a drug test to the maximum extent possible.  Using both effective products and things you can do for free are the best way to prepare for a drug test.



Urban Legends & Myths to Detox for a Drug Test

passing a urine drug test

There are many urban legends, drug test myths, false facts and ‘simple tricks’ which have been resurfacing for years on ways to pass a drug test.  These seem to be most often told to you casually by friends and other “experts” or on websites & blogs on options to pass a drug test, and everybody is an expert when it comes to how to pass a urine drug test.  Urban legends like “just drink a lot of water” or “just place something in your urine”  to help to pass a drug test are well known, and you should understand that the drug tests these days have been developed to expose these quick-fixes.  These urban legends just won’t die and like most false facts have lead many a person to failure when they desperately need to pass a drug test. (more…)