Home Drug Test Kits

Detox stuff provide the highest quality home drug test kits that can be used to replicate results which you could get from an actual workplace urine drug test kit or Roadside oral swab drug test kit. Our home drug test kits are designed to be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Each home drug test kit comes with a full set of instructions to use the device.

We have a number of different tests which can detect the presence of THC (Marijuana or Weed), COC (Cocaine), MDMA (Ecstacy), OP (Opiates and Opioids like Morphine) and Amphetamines (Meth). You can choose to get either the 5 panel test which covers all these drugs or the single panel drug test which covers just THC (Marijuana or Weed).

Beest Home Drug Test Kit

Quick note on Home Drug Test Kits

Our Home Drug Test Kits are commonly used to monitor the detoxification of drugs from the system and we support this cause very whole heartedly to stamp out overzealous use or abuse of drugs. We do not in any way condone the use of our drug test kits for any unlawful behaviour or activities. All our home drug test kits are manufactured in the US but to our knowledge they adhere to the AS 4760:2006 standards set out for Australian Drug Testing. We would appreciate the reception of any information indicating otherwise.